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Leadership Program

August 1st – 5th 2016,
 Tsinghua University. Open FIESTA. Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity, Shenzhen, China

The Centre for Research & Interdisciplinary (CRI), the Tsinghua University Open FIESTA are glad to announce that the second edition of its leadership program on « Teaching Through Research » will be held between the 1st and the 5th of August at the Shenzhen graduate school, Tsinghua University, China, in the heart of the maker and entrepreneurs hostpot.


The main role of the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity is to promote new educational techniques based on digital tools, self-empowerement, interdisciplinarity, collaborative thinking and the open culture to empower teachers and students to take initiative and develop their own Life Sciences research projects.

The Leadership Program on “Teaching Through Research” has been created under the auspices of our UNESCO Chair on “Learning Sciences” to help young Pi’s and researchers in Life Sciences to develop and implement innovative educational projects.

It is based on the recognition that while early education has prepared young researchers (PhD, post-doc) for a path as principal investigators, there is no high-quality preparation available for their teaching role (often covering 50% of their professional activities).

Such a preparation is even more important that academics are more and more confronted to the tension between their role as a teacher and as a researcher, between their eagerness to advance their career by performing excellent research and their pedagogic responsibilities.

The role of universities for both spreading and acquiring knowledge is transforming in an ever-growing pace and is being revolutionized by open access to resources, online courses, crowd-sourcing and DIY technologies etc.

By enrolling to the leadership program, you will be exposed to cutting-edge educational practices and tools to ensure full complementarity between teaching and research.


This initiative aims at helping a selected cohort of 15 international young researchers teachers (post-doc/young principal investigators) to develop and implement their change-making and innovative project at the interface between research and education, with focus on concrete implementation, skill development and community building of change-makers.

The participants will extend the range of their skills by engaging with their peers and they will  have the unique opportunity to benefit from the experience and advice of world leaders with proven track record of developing innovative ways of ‘Learning and Teaching Through Research’.

They will be part of a hands-on effort in designing their own curriculum and courses, gaining and developing state-of-the-art approaches, tools, methodologies and sharing best practices through collaborative exchanges with experts and peers. (see the list of mentors here)

By the end of the program, the participants should have gathered the necessary tools to implement their project at their home establishment.

Workshop outcome for participants:

  • Developing state-of-the-art approaches, tools and methodologies to boost their projects
  • Sharing best practices through collaborative exchanges with peers and top notch international mentors
  • Getting the capacity to lead similar workshop in home institution

Workshop outcome for the hosting institutions:

  • Collaborative network across the globe for adapting curricula to 21st century challenges and technologies
  • Concrete roadmap for training teachers at the interface of teaching and research.


The program consists of 5 intensive days of workshops, meetings and individual mentorship.

Day 1; Teaching through research, interdisciplinarity

Day 2: Teaching ethics, critical thinking, entrepreneurship

Day 3: ½ day Science outreach (games, DIY….) ½ day social activities in Shenzhen

Day 4 : Art, science & design

Day 5: Feedback & presentations

The cycle will then continue in further encounters during the year for evaluation, exchanges of best-practice and networking with the next cohort of participants. A peer-reviewing effort will be put in place where geographically related participants will carry out cross-visits for feedback and support.

Who can apply

Researchers engaged in teaching with experience up to 10 years after their PhD and/or holding a PI position (tenure track/associate professorship) or senior postdocs aiming at such positions can apply.

Please, send us a resume, a letter of recommendation and a description of the projet you want to work on at: openfiesta@tsinghua.edu.cn

University leaders and faculties are strongly encouraged to nominate up to 2 candidates: please write to openfiesta@tsinghua.edu.cn

Application deadline: Wednesday, 1st June EXTENTED TO JUNE 30th


Participation fee: € 300 (accommodation and meals included).

The workshop  is partially funded by a French ministry grant for innovating education IDEFI IIFR (ANR) , and the Quantong Grant from the Chinese Ministry of Education Research Center for Online Education allowing for a number of travel and participation fellowships. (We can waive part of the fees for selected participants needing support)

Some inexpensive University housing will be available to a few participants.