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iGEM Paris Bettencourt

Since 2007, a CRI team has proudly participated in the international Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition. The iGEM competition began at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2004. Every year, students from around the world spend a summer building living systems of their own design.

In the fall, teams gather in Boston, USA, to present their projects to each other and to the panel of iGEM judges. In 2013, over 200 teams from the best global univeristies competed in project categories like Food & Energy, Manufacturing, Environment, Health & Medecine, and more.

Our team is consistently excellent, and our students have collected many awards through the years. In 2013, we were honored with the Grand Prize at the World Championship Jamboree! Our success is owed to the generous and continued support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation.

The iGEM competition is a unique educational opportunity. It is a chance for young students of any background, many without prior lab experience, to build their own project and present it on a global stage. If you are a biologist, physicist, artist, designer, pharmacist or engineer from anywhere in Paris interested in joining our iGEM team, the most important qualification is a love of hard work, team work, and biology.


Ariel Lindner, AIV Master Director, phone: + 33 1 44 41 25 22
GUO Haotian, Mentor

IGEM Paris Bettencourt News

2017 – Gold Medal

Star Cores

We designed StarCores in response to the specific needs of veterinarians, farmers, and policymakers in France. Our goal was to provide a specific solution for killing Gram-negative bacteria on pig farms. Over the summer, we successfully designed, produced, tested, and optimized a novel class of bacteria-killing peptides with high activity and reduced toxicity.

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2017 – Gold medal

The Medusa Project

Having powerful tools in the 3D allows us to both study and control life with more accuracy. We created an intuitive way to bring our technologies into people’s everyday life.

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2016 – Best integrated human practices, overgrad Gold Medal

This year’s project involved the production of synthetic enzymes for stain removal in order to replace percholoroethylene (PERC), a commonly used solvent that is hazardous to the environment and human health and that will soon be banned in France.

2015 – Ferment it yourself

Message in a Bubble

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2014 – Best New Application, Best Supporting Art & Design & Gold Medal

The iGEM Paris Bettencourt 2014 team’s project explores new ways to control body odors through precise modifications of the living microbiome.

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2013 – Grand Prize

Fight Tuberculosis with modern weapons – Grand Prize winner, Best Health and Medicine project

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2012 – Best Environment Project

How safe is safe enough ? Second Runner Up (3rd place world)

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2011 – European Finalist, European Best Presentation Prize

Tube or not Tube ?

2010 – Best Foundational, Research Award Gold medal

Every bacteria counts

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2009 – Best Human Practices Award

Message in a Bubble

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2008 – Bronze Medal

The BacteriO’Clock

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Tool Tip, just because we can

2007 – Best Foundational Research Award

The SMB: Synthetic Multicellular Bacterium Grand Prize finalist

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