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We launched the first International Game competition for Education and Research iGAM4ER in 2013,  a worldwide competition aimed at undergraduate and graduate university students, researchers and professionals. Participants were encouraged to develop innovative games to engage the largest community into learning through research and questioning.

We invited students to make games prototype to open education and science to anyone willing to learn, to contribute and have fun.

The games could be made on any kind of support and related to any research or department.

By encouraging the development of scientific games with a research methodology , we want to convince the younger generation to invent new ways to learn through research and to promote citizen science. The CRI encourages citizen science and the use of games to help research (like foldit) and to give teachers and learners a different perspective from the usual classroom.

Our model is the successful MIT competition called IGEM where students from all around the world  (including CRI students) play with genes in bacterias and end up with amazing projects.

Teams with the best projects are invited to refine their games and prepare a booth and a presentation for the final.

The first one took place in Paris on December 2013 (12,13,14) at Cité Internationale des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

To join us this year or see 2013 list of winners and look at their presentation, check our website www.igam4er.org

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